Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day Four

Finally! The last day of the purge--I mean flush--or whatever it is. Travel day, big challenges, plus a birthday party....

Breakfast--Cream of Wheat with chopped up prunes. (kind of getting old) Prunes--oh, I guess they're called dried plums now--aren't quite the same as raisins, but they weren't bad.

Got on the WiiFit. Lost 1.1 pounds. Am almost back where I started. Grrrr.

Remembered to make up several 1/4 cup baggies w/ sunflower seeds, packed Cream of Wheat and prunes. Left the house. Totally forgot cup of milk--grabbed a string cheese at the store. Ate seeds and cheese stick. Meant to pack a tuna envelope and tomatoes, but forgot.

Lunch--So on the regular portion of the diet, it lists McDonald's Asian Chicken salad with lf Newman's own dressing as okay and under 400 calories. Figured I could eat only some of the dressing. Surprise! Micky D's in Redbud, IL doesn't serve that salad. So, stuck at the counter. Spied a "Fruit and Nut" Snack Salad and ordered it. More surprises. It's 1/2 an apple cut up with a grape, a few tbls of sweet yogurt and five CANDIED freaking walnut pieces for 210 calories. Ate the apple, tried a walnut piece, which was awful. Ate two prunes.

Arrived at destination and ate 2/3 can of tuna in water. So, I'm figuring the apple was 35 cals, prunes 40, tuna 60--need 165 calories and am a little stuck. And hungry.

Snack--Am supposed to do a smoothie. Maybe I can get to the store and get frozen fruit. Don't know if my sister has a blender. And the kids will probably want some. Not such a bad thing....

Dinner--Panicking. Must participate somehow--then there's that cake. Hm.

Went to the very well-stocked grocery. How I sigh for a Dierberg's in Southern Illinois! Picked up provisions for this weekend and to take back home: avocados, unsweetened Kashi sticks of some kind, grape tomatoes, natural peanut butter, bread, yogurt and fresh raspberries.

Ended up with 2 prunes to get me to the grocery store. Rest of snack was 3 small sample cheddar cheese cubes, Dannon plain, nf yogurt w/ raspberries. Not a smoothie, but very tasty and well under 300 calories.

Didn't blow it completely (I think). 1/2 barbequed rib, 3 oz pulled chicken (a little spicy), 1/2 cup microwaved new potatoes, 1/4 pint grape tomatoes, AND a very small square of birthday cake. Extremely hungry now, so it must've been okay--though I felt pretty full afterwards. The cake seemed extra sweet! It wasn't the approved way to finish the purge thing--I'll be interested to see if my wedding ring is tighter tomorrow.

After checking out the rest of the diet, I think they put the four day thing at the front to make one VERY grateful for fresh fruit, bread, power bars, popcorn, etc. I know I'm looking forward to tomorrow. A big bowl of cereal that looks like sticks and grub worms for brekky. Yum! But at least I get fresh raspberries on my worms.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day Three

Isn't Day Three always a crucible day during a diet? This one sure was.

Breakfast--Cream of Wheat again (still no sugar-free cornflakes) with 2 tbls raisins. Glass of water. (Still can't bear the Sassy Water.)

Confronted the Wii Fit. Down .7 pounds--whoopee. So I'm only 1.3 heavier than three days ago! It congratulated me on a downward trend. How sweet. Went to the gym and did 45 min on the treadmill and then arms. Perfume lady was there again, but a couple machines down. Had good energy again, which was nice. Stupidly forgot my sunflower seeds snack. Was very hungry by the time we got home. Had seeds and the glass of milk to finish my breakfast.

Lunch--3 oz turkey (again) with a cheese stick. Water. Couldn't bear the whole pint of grape tomatoes, so ate a handful.

Snack--Made peach/blueberry smoothies for everyone while we watched Iron Man. What a fun film. Robert Downey jr is my new hottie hero, though he'll never replace Daniel Craig.

Dinner--What a mess! Had to go pick up one of the cars that had been serviced. Was planning 3 oz chicken (plus 1 from lunch) and last night's rice w/ greenbeans. Got a panicked phone call from my daughter that I had to work the concession stand at her v-ball game. Seems the coach had sent the email to Pom's account--not mine! Sent the boys off for dinner on their own. Stopped by the co-op and wolfed down what I hoped was 4 oz of roasted chicken parts and a serving of brown rice. All the veggies were too seasoned. Was irritated about the change in schedule and so bought a decaf Honest Tea with 17 calories/serving and drank the whole serving bottle. Probably sugar in the tea--what? Maybe a teaspoon? Am pondering 1/2 cup of applesauce or maybe 2 dried plums. Can't bear greenbeans this late!

Cheats: 1"sq of roasted chicken skin because I couldn't resist!

This weekend will be a big challenge. Celebrating Bengal's birthday in St. Louis with cousins. There will be ribs. And cake. He sounded very, very sad when he asked if I could eat some birthday cake on my diet. Then Chuck E. Cheese (ack!) on Sunday, which is the start of the 28 day phase of the diet. Just have to stick to 400 cals per meal and include a MUFA (monounsaturated fat) along the way.

Puzzled as to why I'm not seeing any of the fabulous weight loss mentioned during the four-day early phase. (in fact gained!) Looking at the adjustments I made in the last few days, they all seem to be within the diet--and I've stayed below 1,200 calories. P says I will lose a bunch of water tomorrow. We'll see!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day Two

Woke up VERY hungry!

Big mistake. Drank a cup of Sassy water on an empty stomach. Almost threw up. Will probably never drink Sassy water again. Maybe should give it a few days.

Breakfast: Had Cream of Wheat and Raisins again. Regular water.

Got on the Wii Fit which told me I was up two pounds! Not encouraging. Asked if I knew why I gained weight. I said "no." It proceeded to lecture me about not eating late at night--which I never do. I turned it off.

Went to gym. Got on the treadmill and five minutes later an elderly woman gets on the one next to me and she's wearing strong perfume to which I'm allergic. (Massive headaches--I'm seeing a trend) Was afraid she'd be offended if I moved, so I stayed--the fans blew most of the smell away. But she was hanging around the abs machine later, so I had to do actual crunches, which was okay. Ate 1/4 cup sunflower seeds while waiting for P to finish. One good thing was that I seemed to have lots of energy to do my forty minutes on the treadmill!

Lunch--4oz of turkey meat is a lot, but the expensive Applegate Farms stuff is pretty tasty. Had to eat the PINT of grape tomatoes in two sittings--one before lunch, one with. And the cheese stick was tasty.

Snack--Smoothie with unsweetened blueberries and skim milk. I'm guessing no yogurt for this part of the diet because it's fermented? Tummy was upset, so waited on the tbl of sunflower seeds until later.

Couldn't find anything in the book that said I absolutely have to eat the monounsaturated fat part of the meal with the rest of the food. Nothing online either....

Dinner--Late! Cooked brown rice this afternoon. 3 oz chicken breast was supposed to be grilled, but, really there was no way after Bengal's soccer practice. Sauteed it in a few spritzes of olive oil, so it may have added 25 calories. Also cooked the cup of mushrooms with a few spritzes instead of the teaspoon called for, so maybe I broke even. (Would have been easier if someone hadn't requested that I bring him home a Whopper for dinner?!)

I really miss salt. I know a girl who started giving up added salt for Lent when she was about five years old. She really loves salt, so I love that it's a real sacrifice for her.

Cheats: Ate one fruit loop. Am planning right now to eat 1/2 cup serving of unsweetened applesauce--I'm starving!

Day One

So, I'm reviewing the Flat Belly Diet book that's coming out at the end of October (08). Since I'm no nutritionist or medical expert, I thought I'd give it a shot for the 32 days it recommends.

Day One:

It's the first day of their four day anti-bloat menu. Pretty name, huh? So, for breakfast, I was supposed to have a cup of unsweetened cornflakes, 1 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, 1/4 cup of raw unsalted sunflower seeds.

I'm off to a great start! Forgot to buy sunflower seeds. Nowhere in town has unsweetened cornflakes. Skip to day four's menu with Cream of Wheat, Milk, sunflower seeds, 2 dried plums. Have you ever eaten Cream of Wheat without anything in it? Ugh. 2 tbls of raisins are on Day 3 breakfast. Have CofW w/ Raisins. Have 1/4 cup unsalted peanuts (Okay, I washed them) an hour later. Skim milk an hour after that. (Skim milk=weird snack)

Have I mentioned that I have to eat every 2 hours or I get massive headaches? The diet says every four hours, so I have to spread meals out. No gym first day.

Hopped on the Wii Fit--it complained that I hadn't been on in 125 days. (Shut up!) It tells me my BMI is normal, but how much do I want to lose? Okay. Eight pounds sounds good. We agree.

Lunch--Day one is Deli turkey, string cheese, PINT of grape tomatoes! Oh and a glass of Sassy Water, which is water w/ cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger in it. Sits in the fridge and stews. It's okay if it hasn't been stewing too long. Couldn't get to the co-op to get organic turkey, so had day 3 lunch: 3 oz tuna in water, 1 cup steamed carrots, string cheese, Sassy Water. Ate carrots raw. I'm turning orange, I swear! Tuna envelop was only 2.5 oz, so I put 1 tbl fat free yogurt in it so I could choke it down.

Snack--Supposed to make a Blueberry smoothie. Had to go out--quickly looked up Panera Strawberry smoothie calories = 290. Since all meals/snacks are about 300 cals, this seemed okay. I know the strawberry glop they use is probably sweetened, and def the Stonyfield lf vanilla yogurt is, but decided it was okay.

Dinner--Broiled tilapia, roasted red potatoes, green beans cooked 2 min in boiling water (yum!). Squirted lemon over everything. 1/2 cup potatoes (without salt!) isn't very damn much!

Cheat: one organic wheat thin cracker and 4 raisins.

Bought sunflower seeds--still couldn't find cereal. Went to bed way too late--very hungry. But I got a Diamond cred on Xbox Karaoke for Ma Cherie Amor. No replacement for chocolate, though.