Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day Twenty-five, the Flat Belly Diet

Yes! A week! Just a week!

Spent about a thousand dollars at the grocery store today. Have I mentioned that the stuff on this diet can be a little expensive? Still I guess it's cheaper than eating out. It's hard to eat out on this diet.

Breakfast: Peanut Butter on Whole Wheat. One square of chocolate.

Lunch: Rather grim flat meat turkey, 1/2 slice of terrible American Cheese, about 50 cals of potato chips and a MUFA of cashews.

Snack: Plum, 1/2 really awful Lemon Luna Bar, a lovely serving of yummy Dark Chocolate cover raisins (Hey, they're a fruit AND a freaking MUFA!!!!)

Dinner: Homemade pizza w/ mushrooms and sliced tomatoes and goat cheese (425 cals), carrots, Walnuts, a Paul Newman O cookie, more raisins.

Was under 1600 until I remembered the Luna Bar and the cookie. So let's call it 1750. Ouch. First time so over.

Weight: up .4 from last weigh-in on Thursday.

Workout: 15 mins pilates abs

Friday, October 24, 2008

Day Twenty-four, the Flat Belly Diet

On the mend, back on the diet (mostly). Just eight more days to go. I may or may not weigh tomorrow since I haven't worked out since Wednesday. We'll see.

I've noticed that I'm not my usual psycho-self as I approach the end of my cycle. I've had very little decaf coffee, and far, far less sugar. And I really am almost never hungry. Except for right now. Now, I'm very hungry.

Went back to the book's website to check it out more fully--it said something about getting 3 mos online free, but you have to buy the book. Also, it's one of those deals where, if you sign up, you have to cancel or they keep charging your credit card. They say you can cancel anytime. I already got jammed up that way with

Breakfast: Whole wheat w/ pb, 2 squares chocolate

Lunch: 2 WASA wafers w/ 2 cheese wedges, 2 more squares of chocolate, small plum

Snack: Fruit smoothie and 2 tbls sunflower seeds

Dinner: shrimp w/ brown rice and ginger and garlic, stir-fried in 2 teas olive oil and 2 tea soy sauce, 1/2 cup snow peas. 2 tlbs walnuts, 1/2 chocolate cookie

total cals: 1595

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day Twenty-three, the Flat Belly Diet

Grisly stomach flu. Can't even remember what I ate, though I vaguely recall a one ounce bag of feel-better potato chips. A lost day. But I spent much of it writing in bed. I could definitely get used to that part.

Day Twenty-two, the Flat Belly Diet

Was way too tired to post this last night....

No change on the weight--again! I'm like some kind of freaky science experiment who doesn't even have those usual girly water fluctuations. I did spend the entire day wanting to stuff everything I could get my hands on into my mouth. It reminded me of the kind of scary girl on that Super Skinny Me documentary. She began binging, unable to stop stuffing herself with random food. I wasn't even really physically hungry. I wasn't even craving carbs. It's all mental. I feel deprived and a little angry.

Here is how I coped: I ate three potato chips, several random cashews, an extra couple tablespoons of chocolate chips AND 1/4 cup of mint chocolate chip lowfat ice cream that I don't even like very much.

Breakfast: Luna Nuts Over Chocolate bar, Squares of dark chocolate (yeah, I know)

Lunch: Chicken salad w/ mostly nf yogurt, avocado, grapes, dark chocolate (yep. again)

Snack: Wasa cracker and cheese, Macadamia nuts (is there a place called Macadamia?), misc above, cup of Sleepytime tea

Dinner: Scallops and salad recipe from book (recipe uses shrimp-almonds were the MUFA), Wasa cracker, awesome Irish Cheddar cheese, aforementioned ice cream

Calories: about 1700 give or take
Workout: 40 mins elliptical, abs like a madwoman, upper body


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Twenty-One, the Flat Belly Diet

A weird diet day--I think it's because I wasn't home for much of it and worked out as soon as I got out of bed. Made the day VERY freaking long!

We ended up at Panera for breakfast. I also ended up there for dinner. Ate in the parking lot. Burned my tongue on soup.

The WiiFit was a pain today. My balance is still nigh-on perfect, but my weight won't budge. The last drop was 1.1 pounds around the weekend, I think. So far I count five pounds gone. But I'm using my regular scale as a reference. The Wii freaks me out. My body fat % isn't budging either. I feel like I'm in the diet Twilight Zone. (But I only have eleven more days!!!)

Breakfast: 1/2 plain bagel w/ 1/4 serving of cream cheese. Two squares of chocolate. 1/2 banana. Walnuts (at some point late in the morning.)

Lunch: Wasa wafer w/ laughing cow wedge and 2 oz salmon. Macadamia nuts.

Snack: Cheese stick. 1/4 c sunflower seeds. Pear.

Dinner: Cup Panera lf chicken noodle (the book recommends veggie veggie, but, ew.) 1 oz whole grain baguette.

Went mad when I got home from driving volleyball and soccer kids around in the dark, not being able to figure out how to turn the heat on in my car. Ate 1/2 Golden Oreo with chocolate cream and threw the rest in the garbage because this diet has ruined my taste for hydrogenated sugary stuff, dammit. Settled on a 2 tbls light sour cream and a serving of 43 pretzel goldfish. I know I should've eaten a MUFA, but I'm out of chocolate and feel like I may grow testicles if I have to eat any more nuts!

Calories: 1462

Monday, October 20, 2008

Day Twenty, the Flat Belly Diet

I like round numbers. And I can easily subtract 20 from 32 to get only TWELVE MORE DAYS on this diet!

No weight change, but I had perfect balance on the WiiFit, which was something--although it still nagged me.

Breakfast: I thought I better finish off that box of Kashi (gag) Puffs, but then I looked at the nutrition info and saw that it only had one gram of fiber. I'm way too old to feel like I have to eat shredded cardboard just because I bought it. There's more fiber in dark chocolate.

So I opted for a banana, walnuts, cottage cheese and chocolate!

Lunch: 3 pieces leftover homemade pizza, avocado, plum

Snack: Strawberry/Cherry smoothie, macadamia nuts

Dinner: two soft corn taco shells, 2 oz chicken, homemade salsa w/ avocado, 1/2 Tbl sour cream, 1/4 cup fat free refried beans

Instead of the gym, did major housecleaning all day at a great rate of speed.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day Nineteen, the Flat Belly Diet

As I write this there's some awful BBC program on called Super Skinny Me. Two Brit celebrity journalists decide to take five weeks to get down to a size zero. It's horrifying to see how these women warp themselves, slipping into bizarre, punishing behavior to mold their bodies.

It makes me see that this particulary diet is borderline sensible--and 1600 calories a day seems wildly extravagant.

I ate them all today. No workout.

Breakfast: PB and Whole wheat, pear.

Lunch: Cheese, smoked salmon, bread--Misc nuts and a cracker and a square of chocolate.

Snack: Cottage cheese, 1/4 cups chocolate chips

Dinner: Chili (111 cals), 1 oz pasta (110), cheese (55); walnuts, 3 prunes.

3 goldfish pretels

Total 1600

As of today I've lost 4.5 pounds. Hardly world-shaking, but respectable. This is in the middle of my monthly cycle, though. We'll see what happens in the next ten days....